A Legoland hotel is coming to the UAE. What can we expect?

Always wanted a castle-themed room when you were a kid? Was your wish never granted? Well, your childhood dreams could soon be realised – as a Legoland Hotel is being built in Dubai.

The Dubai hotel will feature 250 rooms when built and will be spread over 300,000 square feet of land.

It will apparently have a disco elevator (colour us intrigued) as well as a Castle Play Area. Basically, it will be one giant playground (so keep your children away from all info’ about it if you don’t want to go because we imagine the nag factor will be off the hook once they see images of it).

Bascially, this will be a hotel built for children at which adults are welcome – so you wouldn’t want to accidentally book it for your romantic honeymoon or anything (unless you’re super into Lego).

So, what will it look like?

Well, there are no renderings or visuals of what the Legoland Hotel in Dubai will look like – but we do have a basic idea, because there are already a bunch of Legoland hotels around the world (at the one in the UK all overnight guests get a free Lego gift in their rooms).

Above is the Legoland resort in Malaysia – and here’s what the Pirate Room there looks like (it’s likely that all of the rooms in the Dubai Legoland hotel will be themed too):

And here’s the pool at the Malaysia hotel…

There’s also a Legoland Hotel in California – here’s what the lobby looks like:

And, of course, there’s a Legoland hotel in Florida (the home of theme parks). Here’s what that looks like…

All of its 152 rooms are themed…



We don’t know when the Legoland Hotel will be finished – but, as always, we’ll keep you updated.

But, remember there’s already a Lapita Hotel at Dubai Parks & Resorts, which is Polynesian-themed and definitely family friendly.

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