It is not yet known whether they will be able to ‘a-peel’.

Two passengers have apparently been caught attempting to smuggle Dhs250,000 worth of Saudi riyals into Dubai.

The money was concealed within a bunch of bananas, which appeared to have been peeled, stuffed with cash, and taped up again.

The passengers had been scheduled to travel from Kozhikode in Kerala, India on IndiGo Flight 88, when they were intercepted at the airport, the Deccan Chronicle reported.

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While further details are yet to be released, it’s certainly not the most unusual smuggling method used by passengers en route to Dubai.

In 2010, an Irish businessman tried to smuggle Dhs323,000 of rare peregrine falcon eggs by wrapping them in socks and taping them to his chest.

And in 2012, three men were arrested at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi after customs officials found a number of slender lorises – a rare small primate – hidden in their underpants.

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