An Instagram account about Dubai’s best restaurant toilets? That’s one influencer we can get behind…

In a city as fast-paced as Dubai, it can feel like new restaurants spring up on an almost weekly basis.

And with good reason. We live in a multicultural metropolis that encourages all kinds of dining – from tasty hidden bistros, to opulent Friday brunches. You’re never starved for a place eat.

Of course, part and parcel of eating out these days involves the inevitable humble-brag post to social media. We’ve all been guilty of taking to Instagram, posting stylised shots of the whatever delectable Peruvian-Japanese entrée we’re about to imminently chow down on.

That’s why this anonymous Instagram account that rates Dubai’s restaurants based on their toilets is a breath of fresh air.

Registered under the name of Dubai Loo Review, and currently at a post count of 43, this intrepid loo influencer appears to be making their way through the lavatories of the city’s dining hotspots. Passing, ahem, judgement on everything from fine-dining favourite Le Petit Maison, to colourful Jamaican eatery Miss Lily’s.

The format of each post is simple: a short, pithy review of the facilities, followed by a rating out of 5, loosely based on the theme of the restaurant.

All posts are signed with a clever hashtag – #myloobai

One of our favourite examples has to be the glowing review bestowed upon trendy Satwa cafe, The Sum of Us – rated 5/5 hipsters.

Due to its anonymous nature, it’s difficult to gauge whether the account will eventually get around to reviewing every one of the hundreds of restaurant toilets that the city has to offer, but we sure hope it does.

One thing’s for certain, Dubai Loo Review is an Instagram account you should definitely be following.

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