Just when you thought winter was over, Dubai’s skies have unleashed their fury…

Earlier this week may have fooled you into thinking summer is on its way, as temperatures in Dubai soared into the mid-thirties.

But the wind and dust storm yesterday and the heavy rain and thunder in Dubai today is a sign we’re still well and truly in Dubai’s “winter”.

Here’s what Weather.com is predicting for the rest of the week:

The rain was particularly heavy in the early hours of this morning, causing gridlock traffic at rush hour in Dubai due to water puddles and blockages on the roads.

This is what the traffic was looking like as of 9.50am this morning according to Google Maps: 

Here’s what the skies above the UAE looked like at 9.50am this morning. Blue means light rain, yellow moderate rain, orange heavy rain and dark green is strong clouds and humidity:

Here’s a video the NCMS tweeted out on Friday, highlighting the erratic weather patterns:

*Videos & pics: Yes, it really did snow in the UAE this weekend*
*Dubai wet weather: Rain is in the air on Valentine’s Day*

The clouds starting rolling in over Dubai on Sunday evening, and are expected to hang around all week, with a little break on Wednesday, bringing scattered rain.

A dust storm on Monday also wreaked havoc on the emirate, with theme park Global Village having to close its doors for the day due to the bad weather. It was open for business again today.

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