Well, THIS is awkward…

If you’ve been complaining about Dubai’s weather being less than perfect lately, a new movie trailer might have you counting your lucky stars…

Warner Bros. has just released a series of teaser trailers for the upcoming disaster film Geostorm, starring Gerard Butler and Abbie Cornish.

One of the new trailers for the film shows our beloved Dubai being taken out by a huge wave – and not even the Burj Khalifa is safe from its watery wrath.

You can watch it here:

*Made in Abu Dhabi: trailer released for Brad Pitt’s movie shot in the capital*

The blockbuster will tell the story of a satellite designer who must attempt to save the world from one seriously epic storm.

Think The Day After Tomorrow mixed with Volcano, with a healthy dose of Twister.

But some Facebook users commenting on the trailer have been quick to note that the filmmakers appear to have disregarded basic geography in their enthusiastic destruction of the emirate.

Check out the location of the Burj in this shot:

Does it look a little funny to you?

“I’m not sure yet but was Burj Khalifa moved near the coastline? Digital effects already dissolved Al Wasl and Jumeirah from the map,” said Oliver Santos. “What a disaster!”

Anna Nolano spotted the same issue, asking the valid question: “Why is Burj Khalifa on the beach?”

But the top comment went to Steve Patrick Moore, with this gem: “Please don’t flood I’m going to Karama today.”

Geostorm is set to be released on October 20, so we’ll see you in cinemas then – if Dubai is still standing, that is…

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