From free translation to complimentary legal consultations, lawyers in Dubai are getting involved in the Year of Giving (let’s hope it becomes a permanent initiative)…

Dubai Courts and 81 of the city’s law firms are going to provide free legal consultations to around 1,000 needy clients this year as part of the Year of Giving.

The legal services will be donated to those who wouldn’t normally be able to afford it, and it’s estimated that the services given out will add up to Dhs3 million. 

H.E. Taresh Eid Al Mansouri, Director General of Dubai Courts, says the legal aid initiative is all about the “happiness and satisfaction of all citizens and residents in the UAE”.

“We are driven by a clear vision for building a legal and judicial system based on values of giving, justice, independence and transparency, where everyone is given their rights and lives in a society that enjoys justice, equality, preservation of rights and freedoms, and equal opportunities,” he explains.

As H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, says: “Giving is not just donation, it is making a difference…in someone’s life or society or country.”

The volunteer time will be given to insolvent litigants (aka, those unable to pay debts owed), people in marital disputes, families in arbitration, and humanitarian cases.

There will also be the free ‘Ta’aheed’ service – which will print and translate documents free of charge for those who can’t afford it. Meanwhile, the ‘Faner’ initaitive, will see free translation services given to some defendants. 

Another interesting part of the community initiative is the ‘We Reach To You’ service, which will deliver cheques free of charge to people who either don’t have bank accounts or can’t make it to court. 

– Do you or someone you know need access to these services? Check the Dubai Courts website for more info or call their headquarters for further advice on (04) 334 7777.