Live in Discovery Gardens? Take note: some fresh roadworks are coming your way (but they’re for a good cause).

In the next day or two fresh roadworks are going to start on Ibn Battuta Street that will mean a reduction in an entire lane for just under a kilometre.

From the intersection of Street 2 to the intersection of Street 6 an entire lane will be closed for the foreseeable future due to roadworks for the Route 2020 update.

The roadworks will run the length of the Mediterranean Garden section of Discovery Gardens.

Here’s an illustration that shows exactly where the closure is:

Luckily, there is now another way to get from Discovery Gardens onto Sheikh Zayed Road – there is now an exit onto Sheikh Zayed Road from the back of the community rather than just the front that opened over a year ago. This is a very easy option to take too.

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But still, anyone who has sat on Ibn Batutta Street at about 7.30am to try and get out onto Sheikh Zayed Road will know that plenty of people still use that route.

Remember, there is already a lane closure along Ibn Battuta Street between Street 7 and Street 12, and that the road is now closed after Street 12 so it is effectively a dead end.

So what is Route 2020?

The roadworks are definitely worth it in the long run, as they’re all part of Route 2020, which will see 15 extra kilometres and seven new stations added to the Red Line of Dubai Metro. You can read all about it here.

This video gives a good idea of where those stations will be:

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