It looks like a Minority Report-style crime prediction system is coming to the UAE…

Dubai Police have taken to Instagram to announce they are working on plans to stop crimes before they happen.

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In a video called Ready for the Future, Brigadier Khalid Ali Al Marri, Deputy Director of the General Department of Operations, Communications and Technical Affairs announced that the General Headquarters of Dubai Police Operations has sponsored a new crime prediction programme.

He then goes on to explain that the programme will be able to predict both the time and location of a future crimes, allowing police to arrive at a crime scene even before the criminal, essentially stopping the offense before it even happens.

That is some straight up Minority Report level of sleuthing.

For those unaware, Minority Report is a 2002 science fiction film staring Tom Cruise set in the year 2054 where police use advance psychic technology to catch criminals before they can commit crimes. Sounds pretty similar, no?

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While there is little other information about how this new programme will work, or when it will go into effect, we wonder if this is tied in to the Dubai Future Accelerators programme which earlier this year asked us to “consider how manned and unmanned drones can be used to improve policing across private property and public areas…. Develop systems that synchronise public cameras and utilise facial recognition to identify wanted individuals based on current and past data.

This comes on the heels of Dubai and Abu Dhabi being named amongst the safest cities on the planet.

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