Now here’s a heartwarming story for you…

Yesterday evening Dubai Police received a tip-off that a camel had become trapped in a pit filled with wastewater in the Al Lisaili area of Dubai near the Rugby Sevens stadium.

Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Ateeq Bourguiba, deputy director of Dubai Police’s search and rescue department, led a team of experienced rescue workers in an operation to free the animal.

The procedure to lift the camel out of the pit required the use of hydraulic devices to widen the pit’s opening whilst simultaneously ensuring that nearby debris didn’t fall in and cause the animal any harm.

A vehicle was supplied by Dubai Municipality to extract the wastewater that the camel was submerged in up to its neck. The rescue workers then secured it with a number of special ropes, and lifted it to safety using a crane.

Happily, the camel came out of the incident unscathed, if not a little shaken.

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Images: Supplied