And yes, it nabbed a Guinness World Record as well…

Dubai is no stranger to the Guinness World Record book. Our city boasts records in everything from the epic (Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building) to the daft (longest selfie stick).

On Thursday another notch was added to Dubai’s ever-growing world record list in the form of the world’s largest permanent projection mapping.

While the name might sound a bit technical, the actual execution is pretty cool. The record attempt is part of a multi-sensory show entitled ‘A Child’s Dream’ on display at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City.

The show is projected onto the side of the hotel, making it the world’s largest projection surface to date at five times bigger than even the world’s largest IMAX screen.

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Part of a larger IMAGINE installation that transforms Festival Bay into an explosion of light and sound, ‘A Child’s Dream’ journeys through the vibrant imagination of a young boy with “magical whales, a mystical treehouse and giant dancing robots” for maximum whimsy.

Aside form the record-breaking projection surface, the show also incorporates six giant aqua screens that create ‘liquid walls’ across 1,271sqm, 30 illuminated fountains that reach up to 50m in height, and nine high-powered laser systems. Yes, lasers.

You can get a taste of what’s in store from the Instagram videos below, but you should really get down there to check it out in person. It looks pretty breathtaking.

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The IMAGINE show runs daily after sunset, every hour from Festival Bay, Dubai Festival City:

Stardancer and A Child’s Dream

Weekdays: 8pm, 9pm, 10pm

Weekends: 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm

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