Think you know your Red Wedding from your Rains of Castermere?

George RR Martin’s epic fantasy book series A Song of Fire and Ice has become a massive commercial and critical success since being optioned for television and rebranded as Game of Thrones by US cable network HBO.

The complex and beguiling storylines of a handful of powerful – and power-hungry – families as they struggle to outwit each other for dominance over the mythical land of Westeros has kept audiences attentions wrapped for six seasons.

Dubai fans of the show now have the chance to put their knowledge to the test ahead of the seventh season due to premiere in July at the city’s first Game of Thrones pub quiz next week.

Dubbed Quiz of Thrones, the event will take place from 8.45pm – 12am on May 23 at Casa Latina at the Ibis Hotel in Al Barsha. Registration will be open from 8pm.

Entry is free, and while there are no set team sizes, the organisers suggest that teams shouldn’t be much bigger than the Small Council. That means eight people max, but you knew that already, didn’t you?

Topics will encompass everything from general plot and character knowledge, down to specific events and even facts about the cast and crew.

For this inaugural quiz, questions will be based exclusively on the television show and will be of easy to medium difficulty. Although the organisers said there will be a few tougher ones in there for the diehard fans, so it might help if you’ve read the books as well.

Planned as a monthly event, the winning teams can win prizes include Game of Thrones themed merchandise.

Check out the Quiz of Thrones Facebook page for more details.

Image: HBO