Littering motorists face harsh fines and black points on license…

Do you like to light up while you drive? Then you better watch where you flick your cigarette butts as Dubai Police are implementing a harsh new fine for motorists who are caught littering.

Effective from July 1, the fine will see an increase from the current Dhs500 penalty to Dhs1,000 and will include six black points on the driver’s license.

“When drivers are pulled over for throwing a cigarette butt from their car, they are often surprised and angry, arguing their offence is minor,” explained  Major General Mohammad Al Zafeen, assistant commander of Dubai Police, regarding how many drivers do not take the offence seriously. He added, “Since smoking and cigarette butts have serious impacts on the environment, everyone should collaborate to preserve the environment from these toxic materials.”

In a single day last month, Dubai Municipality collected 30kg of cigarette waste from Sheikh Zayed Road alone.

“There is no doubt in our minds that many fires seen on the motorway edge of roads are caused by people flinging cigarette butts from car windows,” said Colonel Rashid B Buflasa, director of Dubai’s fire and rescue department, who also noted that CCTV centre staff and street patrols would be on the lookout for offenders.

“Beside the possible fire risk it is a pollution hazard. People have to be more responsible.” Hear, hear.

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Photo: Getty