Fuel tank getting low? We have some good news…

Next month, petrol prices in the UAE will fall to their lowest point so far this year, the Ministry of Energy has announced.

From Saturday, you’ll pay Dhs1.86 per litre for Super 98, down 5.1 per cent from Dhs1.96.

Special 95 prices will fall 5.41 per cent from Dhs1.85 to Dhs1.75, while E Plus 91 will drop 5.62 per cent from Dhs1.89 to Dhs1.68.

Diesel prices will decrease from Dhs1.90 to Dhs1.84.

So if you were filling up the 105-litre tank of your Range Rover with Super 98, for example, it would cost you Dhs195.3 instead of Dhs205.8 (a nice little Dhs10.5 saving). Remember, the price change doesn’t come into effect until Saturday, aka July 1.

What’s with this pleasant Eid surprise? Gulf Business attributes the price drop to a dip in international crude oil prices.

The ministry first began setting fuel prices based on average global prices in August 2015. Before that, the price of petrol in the UAE was subsidised by the government, which shielded consumers from global fluctuations in the cost of petrol.

We still have it pretty good though – according to the ranking at globalpetrolprices.com the UAE is 16th on the world’s list of cheapest petrol.


July: Dhs1.86 per litre
June: Dhs1.96 per litre
May: Dhs2.01 per litre
April: Dhs1.95 per litre
March: Dhs2.03 per litre
February: Dhs2.00 per litre
January: Dhs1.91 per litre

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