This eco-friendly technique helps save thousands of litres of water per wash

If you’re Emirates and your fleet of 250+ planes are flying daily all over the globe then, let’s face it, things are inevitably going to get a little grimy.

However, keeping all your aircraft spotless is no easy feat, especially when it comes to the potential environmental cost that can be caused by the sheer amount of water it takes to clean a plane.

That’s why just in time for World Environment Day tomorrow, Emirates has released a video that demonstrates the procedure it uses to clean its aircraft – surprisingly, without the use of any water at all!

Since early 2016, the airline has implemented an eco-friendly technique called ‘drywashing’ which helps save thousands of litres of water per wash.

How does it work?

Cleaning agents are applied to the surface of the aircraft and it then takes a crew of 15 staff 12 hours (for an Airbus A380, at least) to wipe the plane down, removing the cleaning agents and any dirt along with them.

This process saves 11.7 million litres of water per year and an aircraft requires only three drywashes annually, rather than a typical four or five times using traditional water cleaning methods.

Ultimately this leads to a cleaner and shinier plane, but also a more fuel-efficient one as the aircraft is faster in flight with less dirt on it.

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Images: Emirates