This new measure should help boxed-in drivers get out quicker.

There are few things more annoying than getting to your car and finding it boxed in from every angle. Thankfully, the Dubai Police app has now been updated to allow stuck drivers to report offending vehicles. 

In a move to improve road safety, 17 new traffic fines were introduced earlier this month. Police also released an updated list of traffic laws and fines, including that parking behind vehicles and blocking their movement comes at the price of Dhs500.

Dubai Police has added a new service to its app to help solve this problem, and crack down on offending drivers. Through the “vehicle obstruction” service in the traffic section of the app, boxed-in drivers can report the car blocking their exit.

All you have to do is input the plate number, category and code with an image of the blocking vehicle. Police then notify the owner of the illegally parked vehicle via SMS.

The SMS asks them to immediately move their car, as well as warning them against a repeat offence.

If the driver fails to do so within a specified period of time, then the Dhs500 fine is issued.

The Dubai Police app, which launched in 2013, also allows users to report traffic accidents, pay fines, and locate their nearest police station.

The app can be downloaded through Apple’s App Store or Google Play on Android devices.

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