Yesterday a bunch of new traffic regulations came into place, here’s what you need to know…

The UAE’s federal traffic law has just been amended, meaning new fines and regulations are now in place. (Side note: These are federal laws, so they are applicable across the whole of the UAE.)

Here they are…

– Now, ALL people in a car must wear a seatbelt, failure to do so will result in a Dhs400 fine and 4 black points for the driver.

Drivers texting or using their mobile phone while driving will get a Dhs800 fine and 4 black points.

– Exceeding the speed limit by more than 80 km/h will now get you a Dhs3,000 fine, 23 black points and mean your car is impounded for 60 days. Speeding by more than 60 km/h will get you a Dhs2,000 fine, 12 points and 30 days confiscation; speeding more than 59 km/h over the speed limit means a Dhs1,500 fine, 6 black points and 15 days confiscation; more than 49 km/h is a Dhs1,000 fine; more than 39 km/h is Dhs700; more than 29 km/h is Dhs600 and going more than 19 km/h over the speed limit means a Dhs300 fine. (Note: Most speed cameras are set to only pick up speeds of more than 20 km/h over the speed limit, there has been no mention of this changing, however there is a chance that police radars etc may still ping you for going 10 km/h over the speed limit).

– Driving under the influence of alcohol will lead to a Dhs20,000 fine and/or a jail term (which will be decided by the court). It will also incur 23 black points and the vehicle will be confiscated for 60 days.

– Driving with expired tyres could get you a Dhs500 fine, 4 black points and mean your vehicle is impounded for 7 days.

– Window tints of more than 50% mean a Dhs1,500 fine.

– Driving a noisy vehicle or causing excessive noise disturbance could cost you Dhs2,000 and 6 black points.

– Driving without valid insurance and registration means a Dhs500 fine, 4 black points and a vehicle impounding of a week.

– Both car and motorcycle drivers will now be fined Dhs1,000 for ignoring traffic lights. They will incur 12 black points and their vehicles will be seized for a month.

‘Crowding’ during accidents, which we imagine means inappropriately stopping to observe, will mean a Dhs1,000 fine and 6 black points.

– There is now a Dhs3,000 fine and 24 black points for driving passengers commercially without permission.

– Sudden swerving will get someone a fine of Dhs1,000 and 4 black points. 

– People driving quad bikes and ‘three-wheeled motorcycles’ on roads will get a Dhs3,000 fine and have their vehicle seized for 90 days.

– Children under four need to be in car seats now, and there is a Dhs400 fine for drivers who allow children under the age of 10 and below 145 centimetres to sit in the front.

– There’s a Dhs50 fine for not claiming a vehicle after the end of its seizure period.

Failure to leave a safe distance behind another car will get you a fine of Dhs400 and 4 black points (a good rule for following distance is the three second rule. As the car in front of you passes a landmark start counting, you should pass it three seconds after them, no matter the speed you’re going at).

Reckless driving that endangers the lives of others will result in a Dhs2,000 fine, 23 points and confiscation for 60 days.

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Photos: Supplied and Dubai Media Office