Great news for those who have family (with little ones) coming to visit…

Dubai is such a child-friendly city, where little ones are always made to feel welcome, but one major issue we’ve come across when families with children visit is getting them around the emirate considering the fact most taxis don’t have child seats.

Well, that’s about to change: all taxis (and Careems and Ubers) in Dubai will now have to have car seats for children in their vehicles.

This comes after UAE law was updated last week to state that all passengers under the age of four must be in car seats at all times (before last week, car seats were recommended but not legally required in the UAE).

Taxi, Uber, Careem and limo drivers will have to keep the car seats in their boot, and the Khaleej Times has reported that they must have two car seats available at all times, while Gulf News has said that the number of car seats required in each taxi is still unclear (but it will obviously be at least one).

Remember, all passengers in cars now must wear their seatbelt too – and the driver of the car will be fined Dhs400 if anyone in the car is spotted without a seatbelt.


Major-General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, the director of the Federal Traffic Council, spoke to the Khaleej Times and pointed out that a culture change is needed in the UAE to keep kids safe on the road: “Reserving special seats for infants and toddlers is not common in Arab or Asian culture, but it is one that we need to adopt. The insistence of some mothers to hold their kids while sitting in the front seat is very risky. Mothers should accompany their child sitting on their car seats for maximum safety.”

He also pointed out that those who don’t use child seats won’t be fined just yet – people will be given warnings first: “Violators who do not provide children with seats in their vehicles will be stopped and advised about the safety of children. The current focus is on educating individuals about the new traffic amendments and the need to use child car seats in their vehicle. The offenders will be fined Dh400 once the awareness stage is over.”

You can brush up on all of the new road rules, and consequent fines, here.