Not a fan of popcorn and sodastream cola? We have good news for you…

You know Tom & Serg in Al Quoz? Well, there’s now going to be a Tom & Serg inside Vox Cinemas in Mall of the Emirates. 

The new outlet will open this Thursday August 31 (we don’t know what time exactly, but they say they’ll announce the exact opening hours on the Tom & Serg Insta’ account) and it will be directly opposite the ticket counter in Vox Cinema.

What will they serve? Well, it won’t be a full burger, roast and ramen type of spread, but you will get coffee, cakes and pastries, as well as grab-and-go sandwiches and the like. (This news has really elevated our potential cinema snack game.)

Tomorrow they’ll give away a free cup of coffee to the first 500 people to visit their new Vox outlet.

While the people behind Tom & Serg have opened other brands – Common Grounds, Muchachas, The Sum of Us etc – this will be only the second actual Tom & Serg in Dubai (the original opened in 2014).

While, yes, there has been a Common Grounds just metres from Vox Cinemas in MOE for a while, the new Tom & Serg means you’ll no longer have to sneak your good flat white into the cinema, as your coffee will now be a cinema-approved snack.

(Heads up: we also really dig the samosas you can get at the main cinema snack counter at MOE Vox. That’s our top tip for the day.)

The cinema-based Tom & Serg will be open from 9am to midnight, daily. Head to their Instagram page for more info once it opens tomorrow.

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Images: Facebook/Tom&Serg