It must be that time of year again…

How do you know winter has finally arrived in Dubai? When the city wakes up to find itself enveloped in a thick blanket of fog.

That’s exactly what happened this morning, as Dubai experienced its first fog of the season.

This rare phenomenon – which makes the city’s skyscrapers look as though they’re emerging from the clouds – only occurs a few times a year, usually between September and November.

You have to be up early to witness it though, as it tends to burn off when the sun rises.

Did you miss today’s fog? Not to worry – here are some of the best pictures we found.

Now imagine seeing it in your pajamas from the couch with a fresh cup of coffee. ?

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Stunning almost-winter morning! #dubaifog #upinthesky #cloudcity

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Good morning Dubai! #mydubai #winteriscoming #dubai #dxb #dubaifog

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Good morning Dubai!

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Remember, while it looks beautiful, the fog does affect visibility on Dubai’s roads. So be safe out there – here is some advice from the Roads and Transport Authority:

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Main image: Laura Coughlin