The nine-lane, Dhs200 million bridge on Emirates Road is set to open next year…

It’s common for Sharjah to Dubai commuters to face heavy traffic on a daily basis. However, a new bridge linking the two emirates is set to majorly reduce the heavy congestion regularly faced (particularly in the evenings).

The bridge is located between Emirates Road and the Maleha highway, and will be made up of six lanes on Emirates Road and will then turn into three lanes on the Sharjah – Maleha Road when completed. It will aim to divert traffic away from the heavily congested Al Ittihad Road and the Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed roads.

The latest video posted on the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MoID), shows construction of the Dhs200 million project is well underway. It is set to open by August 2018 according to Gulf News.C

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So what does this mean for commuters, and will it actually help?

The new road will almost double the number of cars that will be able to move on the road at any one  time: “The project will be completed by the third quarter of 2018 and once completed, it will increase the capacity of the road from 9,900 vehicles per hour to 17,700 vehicles per hour,” according to Ahmad Al Hammadi, director of the roads department at the MoID.

We reckon this could definitely decrease the traffic congestion, and should reduce journey time for commuters heading out of Dubai towards Sharjah, especially during peak post-work hours.

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