Who’s keen on joining us?

As part of the Year of Zayed, a city-wide scavenger hunt has been launched to celebrate the life and legacy of the UAE’s founding father, HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The project, launched by Dubai Cares and the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, invites participants to discover 15 hidden ‘light bulbs’ which have been scattered across old and new Dubai. 

Each of the 15 lightbulbs is said to represent the idea that “knowledge is a light that never fades.” This is what they look like:

So, how can you take part?

Well, the scavenger hunt has just gone live, and it’s on until January 29.

To take part, download the Dubai Cares Scavenger Hunt app and fill out the details (it just requires a name and password).

Then, work your way through each of the 15 challenges, themed around a different quality of Sheikh Zayed (such as ambition, commitment, courage and kindness). Each challenge reveals a brand new clue, with three hints and a distorted image to help you identify the location.

Once you think you know where it is, all that’s left is for you to make your way to the spot, and if you’re right, you’ll find the lightbulb there.

Scan the QR code on the lightbulb into your app, then it’s onto the next clue.

For a taster, here’s the first clue – do you reckon you know where it is?

The first person to complete the hunt will win an opportunity to volunteer abroad with Dubai Cares. There will also be a prize for second place, and several further prizes for those who follow.

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Images: Dubai Cares App/ Twitter