The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority made the statement after an SMS circulated informing residents of a Dhs5000 fine

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has taken to Twitter to advise Dubai residents that an SMS that went viral this week regarding VPN fines is fabricated.

It comes after the hoax SMS, which was sent to several Dubai residents, claimed that the UAE Telecom had noticed them using an illegal VPN. The message went on further to request the resident report to the nearest police station and pay a Dhs5,000 fine. 

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The TRA has urged the public not to circulate ‘such malicious messages’.

Network provider Etisalat also took to their social media to highlight that the message was not from them.

Although this message is a hoax, Dubai residents are reminded that VPN use is regulated in the UAE. For the full information on VPN use, check out the legal view.

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