It’s now an essential part of the visa process for anyone seeking employment in the UAE…

Today is the day that the UAE’s new rule on working in the country comes into affect – from now on, you’ll need a Certificate Of Good Conduct to work here (put simply, a police verification certificate) if you have applied for a job. The certificate is to prove you don’t have a criminal record.

If you already live and work in the UAE, and have done for the past five years, and have applied for a new job, you may still need to get a Good Conduct Certificate from the emirate your visa is registered in – it is up to your new employer if they require a certificate.

In Abu Dhabi, you can apply online at the emirate’s Abu Dhabi Digital Government website.

To apply, you’ll need your original and a copy of your passport and Emirates ID, a letter from the party requesting the certificate, and a personal photo.

If you have a Dubai visa, then you can apply through Dubai Police’s website. Click the link on their tweet below.

So what about people currently living overseas? If you’re moving to Abu Dhabi (or the UAE) for work, then you’ll have to get a Certificate Of Good Conduct from your home country before you arrive in the UAE. You’ll need to have lived their for the past five years to qualify for one. A certificate also needs to be attested – overseas, you can do that at one of the UAE’s missions. If you have lived in several countries over the past few years, you’ll need a certificate from each country you’ve lived in. Certificates can be attested in the UAE at customer happiness centres at the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs.

It’s worth noting that dependents will not need to obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct. So if your family is coming to the UAE on your visa, they won’t need to get one issued.

One important thing to remember: tourists do not need to apply for a Certificate Of Good Conduct.

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