Just when you thought winter was over…

Dubai has experienced a rare rainy Sunday morning, with the wet weather expected to continue.

Residents woke to dark skies, light rain and strong winds, as temperatures dropped from the early 30s over the weekend to around 20 degrees Celsius.

Here’s a satellite image that shows the cloud cover over Dubai on Sunday morning – dark green means clouds, light blue means drizzle, blue means light rain and yellow means moderate rain.

And this video shows the rainfall expected between now and Monday:

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said the country was under the effect of a Red Sea trough at the surface, accompanied by an upper trough with cold air mass from the north, resulting in a gradual increase in cloud amount with rainfall over coastal areas and northern parts.

This cold air mass would intensify on Sunday, causing unstable conditions to prevail over the country.

Residents could expect different intensities of rainfall that could even be thundery at times.

On Monday, the weather would continue to be cloudy with more rainfall expected over northern and eastern parts of the country.

Meanwhile, motorists have been warned to take care on the roads, with strong winds up to 55kmh expected, picking up dust and sand.

Here are some photos of the rainy Sunday morning in Dubai:

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