This affects cars with number plates beginning with A, B and C…

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced a new campaign gearing up to some changes in licence plates for vehicles registered in Dubai.

From July 2018, all registered cars in the emirate with licence plate codes beginning with A, B and C will require a mandatory replacement. This is so that they fall in line with a newly redesigned look that accommodates both the iconic Dubai logo and space for double letters – i.e. AA, BB etc.

The RTA began rolling out double codes for licences last year to meet with demand due to the increasing number of cars on the roads.

Motorists wanting to get ahead of the game can already apply to replace their existing licence plates before July by visiting any RTA-affiliated vehicle testing and registration centre. Otherwise they can be replaced upon renewal of their licence.

The cost for switching to the new licence plates will be Dhs35 for a short plate and Dhs50 for a long plate, both with a black and white “Dubai” logo. These prices remain the same for anyone who currently has a coloured “Dubai” logo and wish to upgrade to the new-style plates.

A standard charge of Dhs400 will apply for those wanting to buy a new plate with a coloured “Dubai” logo (not upgrade their current one), regardless of the size.

The RTA says that eventually all motorists will need to upgrade their vehicle’s licence plates to the new design with the next phase of upgrades (for cars registered with D, E, F,G, H and I) expected to begin in January of next year.

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