A new part-time contract means you can be employed by more than one company.

Job-seekers in the UAE are now able to work multiple part-time jobs, thanks to the introduction of a new part-time contract.

Under the new contract, employees will be able to work for more than one company, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation says.

This means workers can switch between companies without the approval of the original employer, or any other employer.

The conditions of the part-time contract state that employees cannot exceed eight hours a day or 48 hours a week under one employer. They must also receive at least one day of rest a week.

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The part-time contract will be subject to the same rules and penalties as a regular contract.

The original employer must provide the employee’s annual leave, end of service benefits and any other financial obligations in line with their number of working hours.

Not everyone can get the part-time contract though – employees must hold a university degree and be in a specialised profession that requires scientific, technical and administrative skills.

Minister Nasser Al Hamli said the new system would improve flexibility in the labour market, cut costs and and reduce companies’ dependence on workers imported from outside the country.

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