If you want someone to fill up your car for you, it’s going to cost extra…

Pulling up to a petrol station and having someone fill up your car is all part and parcel of being a motorist in the UAE. But it looks like that may be on the outs as Abu Dhabi-based petrol station operator ADNOC has announced that customers will soon need to pay to have their vehicles refueled by an attendant.

In mid-April, the company will be launching ADNOC Flex, a new system that offers customers a self-service option to fill up their cars by themselves. If you wish to do it the old fashioned way – i.e. pull up to the pump and have someone fill up for you – this is now classified as a “premium” service and will incur an additional fee.

ADNOC says that it will be rolling out the new system to all 40 of its Abu Dhabi petrol stations throughout 2018.

Information on how much the premium fee will be has yet to be revealed, but ADNOC have said that in the beginning it will be waived so that customers can familiarise themselves with the system. Elderly customers and people of determination will also be permanently exempt from paying the premium fee.

Alongside the new service, the company will also be launching a new MyStation pilot to deliver LPG cylinders and fuel to customers’ homes and vehicles. This will arrive later in the year.

You can check out the below for more information on how ADNOC Flex will work when it launches later this month:

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