You’ll be able to report any suspicious online activity…

Victims of online bullying, hacking and cyber-extortion in Dubai can now report these crimes via a new website.

Dubai Police has launched, an online platform for members of the public to report cyber crimes.

These include suspicious emails, social media related issues, internet calls, hacking, online bullying, and cyber-extortion.

Colonel Saeed Al Hajari, director of the Dubai Police Cybercrime Department, said there were a few simple steps involved in submitting a report.

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Users must first determine whether the complaint relates to cyber crime or an online service. They will they need to enter their Emirates ID and contact number, confirm their number via a text message, fill in some personal details, and then provide details of the complaint.

He said the service aims at providing a “true and effective measurement of cyber crime”. It is hoped the number of complaints filed by the public will increase thanks to the new platform.

The UAE cyber crimes law, which was issued in 2012, contains punishments ranging from a Dhs50,000 fine to life imprisonment, depending on the severity of the crime.

Cyber crimes include using abusive language through a computer network, using social media to fundraise, and spreading rumours via social media.

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