And it’ll only cost you Dhs30,000… yikes

Last year the Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) introduced a Platinum Driving Course where, for a sizeable fee, you could learn the ropes of navigating Dubai’s highways in a luxury car of your choice.

The 20-hour course costs a cool Dhs30,000 and boasts Range Rovers and Mercedes G-Class vehicles as part of its exclusive fleet. And, as of last week, students can now opt to learn to drive in an all-electric Tesla Model X.

In a report from Gulf News, Amer Ahmad Bel Hasa, the managing director of EDI said that the addition of the eco-friendly SUV to the centre’s roster came after recognising the increased demand for electric cars in the UAE. The Platinum course is designed to give students a better idea of what to expect from the kinds of cars they hope to drive upon completion of their licence – rather than the Nissan Sunny’s used on standard EDI driving course.

And this will only become increasingly the case with electric cars, as the government plans to have 32,000 electric vehicles on Dubai’s roads by 2020.

Here’s hoping that EDI will also eventually offer a driving course for standard electric cars, as not everyone can afford the luxury of owning a Tesla. Hint hint.

For more info on the Platinum Driving Course visit the Emirates Driving Institute website.

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