Range Rover or Mercedes-Benz, take your pick…

Don’t have a driving license but one day aspire to see yourself zipping down Al Wasl Rd in a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, rather than a Toyota Yaris? Then the Emirates Driving Institute has the course for you.

The UAE’s largest driving school has just announced a new ‘Platinum Driving Course’. For a fee, customers can learn the basics of driving in one of a number of vehicles from an “elite fleet of cars”, rather than the cheap and cheerful Nissan Sunnys that are typically used as instructional vehicles.

The idea is that students will be trained on the luxury vehicle of their choice so that they will be better acquainted with the mechanics and features of the car they plan to drive once they have passed the course.

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While there’s no mention of which specific cars outside of brands like Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz will be available to students, EDI did note that the fleet is “especially chosen keeping customer’s exclusivity in mind” which could maybe open the possibility to getting your L-Plates in a Ferrari. Well, one can dream.

Learning to drive in a Ferrari, surely that’s not going to come cheap?

Oh, indeed. The complete package will set you back a cool Dhs30,000 for 20 hours of training (or 40 classes).

Naturally, you get a number of perks over the standard driving course. First and foremost is the fact that while the initial fee is high, that’s all you have to pay. No matter how many classes and tests you take, you can keep plugging away at it until you successfully complete the course with no need to spend extra.

Other perks include a complimentary pick up and drop off service, as well as at-home eye testing and registration. Each platinum customer will also be assigned a dedicated relationship manager who will look after all documentation and formalities for them until the drivers license is handed over.

For more information visit the Emirates Driving Institute website.

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Image credit: Getty Images