A six course tasting menu is served up by ‘Le Petit Chef’, who measures just 58mm tall…

While most things in Dubai are about being the world’s tallest, few are about being the world’s smallest. Step forward, Le Petit Chef by Dinner Time Story, an immersive dining experience featuring the world’s smallest chef, which has just opened its doors at Four Seasons DIFC.

Dinner Time Story opens today at The Monogram Room in the hotel, and promises a sensory experience which follows the culinary exploits of Le Petit Chef, a miniature animated chef who takes you on a culinary journey around the world.

The show takes place on the top of each guests tablecloth, where Le Petit Chef, who measures just 58 milimetres tall, guides guests through an innovative six course tasting menu, with the help of some stunning 3D visual projection.

Inspired by a journey along the famous Silk Road, guests can visit some top destinations including India, The Himalays and China, without leaving their chair.

But Le Petit Chef doesn’t work alone. Along the journey, he’s accompanied by a variety of birds, boats, and even fire-breathing dragons that fly over your plates between courses.

Flying from the Middle East, to India, China and eventually to Le Petit Chef’s home town in Western France, guests will be guided through international cuisines, with each course presented cleverly at pauses within the story.

Guests can either choose the dinner package for Dhs450, or for an additional Dhs220 add the wine pairing package. A la carte beverages are also available.

Le Petit Chef by Dinner Time Story, The Monogram Room, Four Seasons DIFC, Gate Village DIFC, 8.30pm to 10pm Mon to Weds, 7.30pm to 9pm and 9.30pm to 11pm Thurs and Fri, Dhs450 Dhs670 with wine pairing. Tel: (052) 530 7441. 

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