Well, if this isn’t the most ‘Dubai’ thing we’ve ever seen…

We love our conveniences here in Dubai, especially those of the delivery kind. But most of these conveniences have been confined to dry land… until now.

Carrefour has unveiled what it is dubbing the ‘world’s first sail-thru supermarket’. Housed inside a custom-built aqua pod anchored out at sea, the supermarket will serve customers on yachts and jet-skis, as well as sunbathers at Kite Beach, Jumeirah Public Beach, and Al Sufouh Beach.

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How does it work? Customers on jet-skis and small sailing crafts can sail up to the aqua pod, place their order at the window counter, and wait for their items.

Those on larger vessels in the area or on the beach can phone through their order by calling 056 400 3659, or place an order using the ‘Aqua Pod’ app. A skiff (a small rowing boat) will then deliver your order within 45 minutes.

The supermarket will have more than 300 products onboard, including hot and cold snacks and beverages, as well as personal care items like sunscreen.

The aqua pod was designed and created by Dubai’s Aquatic Architects Design Studio, with an eco-friendly focus. It is powered by rechargeable batteries, which will allow it to cruise out to sea and back.

The supermarket will also contribute to cleaner waters around Dubai thanks to its ‘seabin’, which is attached to the exterior of the boat and sucks up any floating debris into its holding tank.

We can’t wait to check this out for our next boat party…  

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