It involved a particularly bad haircut…

Ryan Reynolds has spilled the beans to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres about his time in Abu Dhabi.

The Hollywood star has just spent six weeks in the UAE shooting action film 6 Underground. Towards the end of the shoot, he was joined by his wife, actress Blake Lively, and two daughters, James and Inez.

Reynolds told Ellen the family had spent Thanksgiving in Abu Dhabi, describing the experience as “interesting”.

Blake Lively has joined Ryan Reynolds in Abu Dhabi
Look: Ryan Reynolds has started filming in Abu Dhabi

“It was cool to bring my kids to this entirely new culture,” he said, adding that they “absorbed as much of the place as we could”.

“I liked it, I actually really quite liked it, I had a bit of time off and got to cruise around.”


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Discussing the best way to walk back to the hotel. @michaelbay ?? #6underground

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While it sounds like Reynolds enjoyed his time in the emirate, he was left with a rather unfortunate souvenir – a “horrible” haircut.

The actor revealed he went to a strip mall in Abu Dhabi to visit a barber, but was less than impressed with the results.

“It looked like somebody had cut my hair with a loofah,” he said.

“Like they’d just sort of rubbed it off, or maybe used a hammer.”

You can watch the full interview here:

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