It is the biggest restaurant in the world…

Whether you live in Dubai or travel to the city as a tourist, chances are you have flown Emirates.

Our very own airline is one of the world’s biggest, flying to 150 destinations across 80 countries.

But the amount of destinations isn’t the only number that is impressive. The amount of meals served per day onboard is mind-blowing.

Watch as we look inside how Emirates Flight Catering works…

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Per day, Emirates serves on average 181,000 meals across economy, business and first class. To accomplish this, it takes a huge effort and a production line that never stops.

Over 600 chefs and thousands of staff help keep the operation moving while produce from all around the world is delivered to Emirates Flight Catering every day.

But Emirates Flight Catering doesn’t just look after our meals. Everything that is not fixed to the aircraft such as blankets, pillows, bathroom contents and more is brought together inside this enormous building.

The Emirates Flight Catering facility is the biggest of its kind in the world, naturally, and even the equipment inside is custom made to handle to sheer size of the operation.

We have to say, we struggle to cook for a dinner party of four on a Friday night, never mind over 150,000 people a day!

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