It sure beats the average journey…

For Uber users in Dubai, seeing the ‘Chopper’ option on the app is a common occurrence. But how many of us have ever clicked on it and used the service?

Let’s get one thing right first of all though – the Uber Chopper does not act in the same way as a car journey taking you from A to B. Come on people, how can a chopper land in your garden in the Springs and drop you off at Mall of the Emirates…?

So forget the idea of splashing out and whisking someone off for a romantic meal claiming to have your helicopter ‘standing by’.


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The Uber Chopper is actually a sightseeing experience that departs from the Atlantis helipad and is operated by Alpha Tours. But as part of the experience, an Uber car will pick you up and take you to the heliport before a 15-minute excursion around town.

After selecting the experience, you’ll receive a phone call from Uber to get some details and find a suitable time for your flight. In terms of booking yourself onto a helicopter, it’s pretty simple.

The flight covers most of Dubai, flying around at an altitude of 1000 feet heading down towards Downtown Dubai with incredible views of the Burj Khalifa before turning back along the coast and finally swooping over Palm Jumeirah before landing.

The whole experience costs from Dhs660 per passenger. If family and friends are visiting or if you just want to get up above Dubai, we fully recommend giving this a go.

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