If you’ve noticed a blue flag on the beach, it’s a good thing…

Have you been down to the beach recently and noticed a blue flag? No this doesn’t mean there’s a high chance of Smurfs, but rather it’s to show the beach meets international environmental standards on cleanliness.

The Blue Flag is a universally used sign, and is awarded to beaches and marinas that meet the strict criteria for cleanliness of water quality, environmental education, environmental management and safety.

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The blue flag award was first introduced in 2010 in the UAE, awarding 28 beaches with this honour.

In the world, there are currently 4,558 Blue flags spread across 44 countries to show beach cleanliness.

So where can you see them in Dubai?

These flags can so far be seen at Jumeirah 1,2 and 3 beaches as well as Umm Suqeim 1 and 2 beaches. So, enjoy swimming in these safe and clean waters.

Dubai Municipality are striving to ensure the safety and preservation of the countries coastlines and this is a way to show it.

Happy Swimming in those lovely clean waters…

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Images: Dubai Media Office

Words: Ben Welham