Like to be organised for your flight? This one’s for you…

Have you ever been on a flight and found yourself endlessly scrolling through pages and pages of things to watch during the flight? Then Emirates’ new announcement is for you.

The Dubai-based airline has just introduced a new playlist sync function where you can choose what to watch, play and listen to before you fly.

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Customers simply have to download the Emirates app, giving them full access to the in-flight entertainment. From there, they can select what they want to watch, putting it all together in a neat playlist which will be ready and waiting on the screen in front of them on their flight.

Travelers will have access to over 4000 on-demand channels, more than 1000 movies as well as heaps of songs, podcasts and games to curate their playlist from.

This feature is currently available on over 100 of Emirates’ Boeing 777 aircrafts, but will soon find its way onto the entire fleet – including the A380 – in the coming months.

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Words: Ben Welham