It’s the largest IMAX in Dubai using next-generation Laser technology

Novo Cinemas has just opened a new flagship cineplex at IMG World’s of Adventure in Dubai, and there’s a host of futuristic features set to make it well worth a visit. As well as boasting the largest IMAX in the city, the new Novo Cinemas also features next-generation Laser technology.

So, what exactly does that mean?

The IMAX Laser system uses an advanced laser projection system that delivers increased resolution, sharper and brighter images, deeper contrast as well as the most distinct, exotic colours ever available on-screen.

The experience also features 12-channel sound technology with new side and overhead channels, to deliver a greater dynamic range and precision for the ultimate audio immersion. Fancy.

It has a seating capacity to hold 360 guests with a screen that measures 24.4m wide and 13.8m high. To put that into perspective-it’s about 13 six foot tall men standing one on top of the other…

In total, the complex boasts a 12-screen multiplex for your viewing pleasure, including three VIP screens with Novo 7-star service complete with a private lounge, fine dining menu, personal butler and all the comforts that will make it feel like you’re watching a movie in your very own home.

Not a movie buff? The multiplex is still something you should visit for an ‘out of this world’ experience.

The lobby itself is a haven for Instagram savvy users. With a futuristic design in mind, the complex uses more than 5,000 meters of LED strip lighting in customized colours and mirror lighting from floor to ceiling.

The cinema also has plans of introducing exciting new food and drink offerings, although we don’t have further information at this point.

The new location also offers multi-purpose cinema screens with a presentation stage – so it’s a great place to hold corporate events and meetings.

An important point to note though is that the movie pass won’t grant you access to the park, so, you’ll need to purchase a separate park entry pass after the movie is over to gain access to IMG World.

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Image credit: provided