The shorter hours will run through the months of June and July 2019…

The UAE’s Ministry of Education has announced that public school hours will be at least one hour shorter through the hottest months of the summer, in a move to reduce the impact caused by the intense heat on school children.

There’ll be no morning assembly for all students, with class periods reduced from 45 minutes to 40 and an extra three minutes allowed to get to each class.

The revised timings, which came into effect on Sunday June 9 and will continue throughout July, will include:


Children will start school at 8am and finish at 11.45am.

Teachers will stay in school until 1pm.

Primary Classes

Boys will start at 7.15am and finish the day at 12.37pm.

Girls will start at 8am and the 7th session concludes at 1.22pm.

Intermediate/Secondary Classes

Boys to start at 7.15am and finish at 1.20pm.

Girls to start at 8am and finish at 2.05pm.


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Images: Supplied / Facebook