Abu Dhabi has been ranked first place for the third year running…

As if we didn’t know already, the United Arab Emirates is one of the safest places to live. And it’s been proven, in a new study conducted by global research website, Numbeo.

The annual study has already placed Abu Dhabi in the top spot for Safest City in the World twice, and its yet to be beat. Dubai is also in the top ten safest cities, moving up from 11th last year, to 6th in 2019.

Numbeo collect data from around the world, factoring in perception of its website visitors by 69,756 people in 5,220 cities. Areas considered include ‘how serious you feel the level of crime is, feeling of safety walking during day and night and worries of being physically attacked by strangers’.

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After Abu Dhabi, the next most safe cities were Doha (Qatar), Quebec City (Canada), Taipei (Taiwan), Munich (Germany) and Dubai. Overall in the UAE, crime rates were ranked low across the board, with 959 contributors giving their say.

The index ranked 328 cities and is an estimation of overall safety levels in any given city or a country. Any city with a crime index below 20 is considered very safe – and Abu Dhabi had a crime index of just 10.61.

In the UAE, 94 per cent of participants felt safe walking alone during daylight, 90 per cent said they weren’t worried about their car being stolen and 88 per cent don’t worry about being robbed or mugged.

The most dangerous cities in the world, according to the ranking, were Caracas (Venezuela), Pietermaritzburg (South Africa), Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea), San Pedro Sula (Honduras) and Pretoria (South Africa).

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