The scheme will address everything from animal cruelty and welfare to breaches of food safety, veterinary care and agricultural pests…

The UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment have launched a new online Biosecurity portal that aims to make it easier for the public to report any concerns related to animal welfare.

The online website is split into three sections; food safety notifications, animal development and health notifications and agricultural development notifications, and aims to help the ministry tackle any issues raised as timely and effectively as possible.

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The public are encouraged to report any breaches of animal welfare laws such as cruelty and illegal possession of dangerous animals, as well as improper veterinary care, including products used that are out of date, contaminated, unhygienic or non-halal.

Additionally, the UAE public will be able to notify the ministry of any agricultural pest concerns, like the Dubas bug that attacks date palms, to reduce any spreading and damage to the regions trees.

Investigation reports will be produced to keep an eye on the progress of disease containment, which in turn is expected to have a positive impact on human life.

Assistant undersecretary for the ministry’s sustainable communities sector, Saif Al Shara, said, “The user-friendly, bilingual platform engages the public in our endeavors to keep pathogens at bay,”

“Implementing a unified process for reporting environmental threats on a national scale will help us remain vigilant and highly responsive.”

If you have any concerns relating to animal welfare, you can report them here.

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