The pardon will apply to Dubai drivers who are on their way to getting fine discounts for good road conduct…

Dubai Police authorities have announced that Dubai drivers who commit minor road traffic offences whilst on their way to receiving fine discounts for good road conduct will be excused, in a new move.

The Traffic Violations Settlement Scheme was announced in February 2019, which gave motorists in Dubai the opportunity to get discounts on previously accrued road fines if they showed good conduct on the roads.

This meant that drivers who commit no road offences for three months would be eligible for a 25 per cent discount on their fines, no traffic offences for six months would mean 50 per cent off fines, a clean license for 9 months would be 75 per cent off and no road traffic violations for 12 months would wipe fines completely.

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Whilst it has not been specified exactly what constitutes as a ‘minor traffic offence’, it’s believed to apply to any offences that don’t pose a risk to the public.

Dubai Police Commander in Chief, Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, told Emarat Al Youm: “We cannot waste the effort of a person who has been committed to six months since the initiative was launched in February, and is about to get a 50 per cent discount on irregularities because of a minor violation.”

The discounted fine initiative applies only to privately owned vehicles, and won’t apply to cars which are registered with businesses, rental offices or companies, including public or private transport companies.

Individuals who live outside the state for more than three consecutive months from the date of the traffic violation cannot benefit from the initiative.

Stay safe out on the roads…

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