The Dubai Police issued the reminder to ensure residents and visitors remain on the right side of the law…

While it might not be beach weather for most of us, tourists and residents who do hit the beach have been issued with a stark reminder from Dubai Police about taking photographs.

In a Tweet posted to their official account, Dubai Police warned beach goers that “filming or taking photos of others without their consent is punishable by law”.

“Kindly respect the privacy of others,” the Tweet heeded.

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Those who are reported or caught taking photos on the beach without consent can face arrest, hefty fines, and even jail time in some extreme cases.

While this law is nothing new, the Dubai Police Tweet is an important refresher for those who head to beaches across the city to take caution when taking photographs.

According to The National, Dubai Police data indicates that 289 people were arrested for taking photos of women on the beach without their consent in 2018.

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