If you love tea, Project Chaiwala is one place you have to visit…

Project Chaiwala – the charming venue that serves up authentic chai, and delicious Indian street food has just announced that it will be opening a second venue in Dubai Media City.

The homegrown restaurant was founded by, Ahmed Kazim and Justin Joseph, and their first venue is at Cinema Akil in Al Serkal Avenue.

In case you’re wondering – chai is the Hindi word for ‘tea’, and a chaiwala as they are known in India, is a person who prepares and sells tea on streets or small roadside shops.

The tea here is sourced by Project Chaiwala directly from the tea gardens in Darjeeling – a town in India’s West Bengal state, in the Himalayan foothill, and is freshly brewed in Dubai.


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But that’s not the only authenticity you’ll get from Project Chaiwala. Indians, or even those of you who have visited India, know of the amazing show the chaiwalas put up while they serve the tea, and this is exactly how they serve it to you at Project Chaiwala.

The chaiwalas in India even have a particular ‘call to chai’ to alert people that they are close by, and the chaiwalas who work here in Dubai add this to their theatrics. Listen for it next time, it’s a very noticeable ‘chai, chai’.

But it’s not just about tea, the new Media City restaurant also serve a breakfast menu that inludes chia pudding and toast, as well as salads, wraps and Indian snacks like vada pav (a veg fritter in a bun), and samosas.

Project Chaiwala officially opens on August 28, 2019 and you can find them at Dubai Media City Building 7.

If you love tea, Project Chaiwala is one place you have to visit.

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