You know, just in case you’ve got Dhs23 million to spare…

With Dubai famed as a millionaire’s playground, we’re treated to the sight of some jaw-dropping mega yachts on a daily basis. And if you’ve ever wondered how much one might set you back, wonder no more.

Here are 5 of the most expensive yachts for sale in Dubai right now.

1. 105ft: Dhs22,950,000

The sleek and streamlined design of this 105ft super yacht speaks volumes before you’ve even stepped foot (figuratively) on board. Technology is aplenty, and it’s hooked up with flatscreen Samsung TV’s, a Bose system and LED lighting. You’ll sleep comfortably in your luxury master cabin with its very own ensuite and it’s got plenty of room for of all your guests, with 2 VIP guest cabins and 2 further guest cabins.

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2. 106 ft: Dhs18,183,000

Okay, we’re technically cheating with this one as it’s currently based in Oman, however it’s on for a reduced price of Dhs18,183,000 (bargain) so we thought we’d include it. With an upper and lower deck with loads of space for entertaining, we’re sure you could keep occupied while you cruise back from Oman to Dubai. It comes with five cabins, five bathrooms and can accommodate up to ten overnight guests. It even has its very own jet ski onboard.

3: 105ft: Dhs13,999,999

Whether you’re on a fancy family vacay or entertaining friends, there’s somewhere for everyone to hang out on this sleek yacht, which even comes complete with its own jacuzzi. Like the other 105ft yachts on this list, cabins will sleep up to ten people however we’re sure you could squish some more on any of the lavish seating areas on one of the three sophisticated levels.

4. 124ft: 13,088,056

If there was a James Bond or Batman of the yacht world on this list, this would most definitely be it. The exterior is a sleek dark black and grey, which contrasts with a whitewashed Mediterranean vibe that is featured on the outdoor deck. Wander inside and you’ll find a super-luxe, man-cave style sitting room with leather couches. We’re not quite sure how this one is at the lower (ish) end of the price spectrum but, it’s arguably our top pick.

5. 120ft: Dhs9,165,000

Currently moored up in Abu Dhabi, it wouldn’t take you long to sail this one over to Dubai. It comes complete with a grill, outdoor bar and seating areas as well as a super-luxe indoor entertaining area, a cinema room and space to sleep eight guests. Amenities are aplenty with a kitchen, and a huge deck for catching some rays on as you sail blissfully off to your destination.

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