The petrol company introduced the fee in 2018, but has revoked it based on customer feedback…

Drivers take note – from Sunday November 3, you’ll no longer have to pay for an assistant to refuel your car at Adnoc pumps. After a little over one year, Adnoc has decided to drop the Dhs10 charge that was introduced back in June 2018.

Motorists who used the premium service were also entitled to discounts at Adnoc stations through a rewards scheme that includes refreshments and car washes. Adnoc has said they will launch a new loyalty programme, called ADNOC Rewards, before the end of 2019.

The Dhs10 fee didn’t apply to the elderly and people with special needs, or in the case that someone may not be able to leave their vehicle (due to injury, for example). Customers who didn’t wish to pay the fee were able to fill their own tanks free of charge.

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Adnoc recently ran a marketing campaign to offer free assisted fuelling which, according to a statement, proved to be a huge success ‘both in terms of generating an increase in retail fuel volumes in the third quarter of 2019 for the first time since our IPO, and in better understanding our customers’ requirements.’

Based on the results of this campaign, Adnoc decided to offer the complimentary service to all customers from Sunday November 3.

The petrol provider claims the reason for waiving the fee was based on customer feedback: “Extensive customer engagement has resulted in the [approval of] offering free assisted fueling to all our customers. We trust this will be very well received by our customers,” said Adnoc Distribution’s acting chief executive, Saeed Al Rashdi.

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Images: Adnoc