Don’t let those blue skies fool you…

For those who noticed evidence of rain when they woke up in Dubai this morning, the worst is not over. The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) expects more rain today, Sunday November 10 and tomorrow, Monday November 11.

Rainfall is expected in various intensities across the country, with convective clouds forming up until Tuesday November 12. NCM reports a 25 per cent to 85 per cent chance of rain in Dubai, with the lowest temperature reaching only 21 degrees celsius and highs of up to 31 degrees celsius.

The heaviest rainfall is expected on Sunday November 10, with some areas of the UAE already being hit with heavy downpours and flooding. By Wednesday November 13 the weather should clear up, when Dubai will be back to a mostly sunny forecast, and highs of 33 degrees celsius.

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The oncoming rain is all thanks to cloud seeding, where the Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science (UAEREP) has been trialling a new nano-technology in the UAE’s clouds. The new technology injects salt crystals with a titanium dioxide nanoparticle coating into existing, convective clouds with the hope of making rain particles denser, and more likely to fall.

As we move into winter and the temperatures continue to fall, UAE residents can expect more rainfall with the use of this new cloud seeding method. The nano-technology aims to make the process more effective, resulting in more rainfall.

Now, does anyone know where we can buy an umbrella?

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