Step into your favourite combat games with this real-life imitation concept…

If you’re a fan of combat games such as Call of Duty, you can step into that world with XStrike, the brilliant new live-action combat simulation concept in Al Quoz. Officially opening on Thursday, December 19, it’s set over two floors in a huge warehouse with incredible Hollywood-style sets and real props to boot.

The concept combines laser quest and paint ball without any of the mess (or next day’s bruises), using cutting edge technology that ensures it’s as immersive and realistic as you can get to a real battlefield, in an entertainment destination.

The playing fields are split into two concepts; City and Subway. Real cars, motorbikes and even an ambulance fill the space, as well as sandbags, industrial bins and derelict shops which serve as obstacles or cover, as you attempt to make it through the game ‘alive’.

Teams are split evenly based on experience levels and in the armoury area you’ll be suited up in camo sensory vests and headbands. You’ll then pick your ‘weapon’ from rifle guns and snipers to a pistol or even a grenade.

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Games are priced from Dhs89 for around an hour, with extra charges for add-ons to the basic equipment. You can play with anything from four to 15 players on each side, but the more the better. Prepare to burn off plenty of calories as you run around throughout the game.

The creators of XStrike have thought of everything, so whether your group is there for a birthday, corporate team-building event or just as a fun way to blow off some steam, there’s an experience tailored to you.

There are two dedicated conference rooms which will be equipped with a projector and tables, perfect for a corporate presentation before the team lets loose in the game.

Whether you’re a male or female, action-inclined or not, this is one game that will have everyone feeling the adrenaline rush…

Xstrike, Al Quoz, Dubai, Sunday to Thursday 12pm to 12am, Friday and Saturday 10am to 12am, from Dhs89. Tel: (800) 9787453.