Calories? You can count on us…

In May 2019, Dubai Municipality announced that restaurant across the city would be required to display the calorie count of all dishes by January 2020. However, a Dubai Municipality official confirmed to Gulf News that establishments will in fact have two years to implement the change.

However, we’ve rounded up a list of delicious menus that provide calorie counts and macro breakdowns – so you can calculate your protein, carb and fat intake for the day.


If you’re on a super low-cal diet then Kcal is for you – many of the dishes on the menu are filling yet fall under 400 calories. Choose from the chicken quesadilla (389cals), the pasta-free lasagne (325cals), salmon teriyaki (339cals) or cheese and mushroom omelette (327cals) to name just a few.

Plant-based protein: The vegan shepherd’s pie (309cals) is a tasty mix of veg, beans, lentils and water chestnuts topped off with a sweet and white potato mash. All those legumes give it a great 14g of protein – opt for a free side of brown rice for even
more protein.

Right Bite

This is at the top of our list when it comes to clean food that tastes great and doesn’t scrimp on portion size. The chicken burger with potato chips (397cals) and the spicy quinoa and black bean burger (405cals) are must-orders. Feeling a little naughty? The chocolate cheesecake (219cals) and the rocky road bites (119cals per piece) taste as good as any full-fat treat.

Super low calorie: The Thai chicken curry is so huge and filling it’s hard to believe it contains just 206 calories.

The Fit Food Kitchen

This little JLT hideout is serving up some rather delicious meals – our favourites include the healthy wraps, such as the smoked salmon wrap (300cals), beef and veggie wrap (315cals) and the low-fat ricotta wrap, which comes with chicken (360cals). Low fat and high protein: Take in a huge 44g of protein by ordering the grilled prawns dish that comes with brown rice and sautéed veg (460cals) and with just 11g of fat.


This little-known eatery has outlets in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi and offers well-thought-out dishes that come in decent portion sizes and at very welcome prices. The menu offers breakfast, sandwiches, healthy shakes, superfood bowls and a few children’s meals. Main meals to try out include the harissa chicken (587cals) and the pan-seared salmon (552cals).

On a vegan vibe? The BBQ vegan burger (668cals) with its quinoa falafel patty, served with baked sweet potato fries, has a whopping 143g of carbs, which makes it a great post- workout option.

Under 500

Hearty meals that taste great are what are on order here. The grilled salmon burger (405cals) is our go-to – piled high with mashed avo, lettuce, radish and a delicious low-fat yoghurt and cucumber relish. A close second and definitely in the race for best breakfast in town is their huge superfood-filled Acai Bowl (398cals). Tick the ‘no cutlery’ box when ordering to do your bit for
the environment.

Pile on the Protein: The chicken pesto pasta packs a whopping 51g of protein and with just 27g of carbs and 18g of fat, you’re only looking at 488cals for the whole dish.

Salad Jar

Opt for a regular jar of ‘The Thai,’ which is 389 calories and is a mix of marinated chicken with an array of veg and roasted peanuts in a lemongrass-infused green Thai curry dressing. It ticks 34g of protein, 20g of (mostly) good fats and 21g of carbs off your nutrition list.

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Want low fat? The plant-based ‘Levant’ jar is full of good carbs (53g) with just 9g of fat and a total of just 304 calories.

Low Calories

This extensive menu with a Levantine twist has worked super hard to keep the calories lean. There are a number of salads that come in under 200 calories and an array of mains under 350 calories, including vegetable lasagna, a burger, and cheese steak sandwich. And any menu that does three flavours of low-calorie cheesecake is good with us. Choose from chocolate, caramel or strawberry at a guilt-free 340 calories and just 5.7g of fat.

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