Get ready to lose yourself in the Dreamscape reality…

You might have tried one of the Virtual Reality (VR) parks currently available in Dubai but Dreamscape, the new attraction in Mall of the Emirates, takes VR games to a whole new level.

The experience is 100 per cent immersive, as you and your friends are geared up with the state of the art sensors that allow you to enter into the new reality.

Dreamscape merges the technique of ‘motion capture’ used in Hollywood movies such as Men in Black and a deep understanding of body mechanics so that it can track six people simultaneously, in real-time, and render them as characters inside the computer-generated world.

Pairing high definition graphics with an incredible soundtrack, Dreamscape sucks you in to its charming world and takes you on an experience you’ll never forget.

Three unique games make up the programming and visitors are called forward when their chosen adventure is ‘now showing’.

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Groups of up to six people can take on the experience together, and you’ll be able to see and interact with your friends’ avatars throughout.

Curse of the Lost Pearl will take you on a Lara Croft-style adventure, through an ancient tomb with corridors full of creatures and critters. Without giving too much away, it’s about as close to playing Jumanji as you can get.

The Blu: Deep Rescue is an entirely alternate experience. An emotional, heart-warming journey with surprises around every corner. Both are equally as exciting and memorable as each other.

Dreamscape general admission tickets are Dhs75 each and the full experience will last around half an hour, with roughly 15 minutes inside the game. There’s also a cool cafe to relax with friends, grab a bite and discuss your adventures.

This VR park-meets-simulator ride-meets-escape room is a definite must-try for people of all ages.

Dreamscape, Level 2 next to Apple, Mall of the Emirates, daily 10am to 10pm, Dhs75. Tel: (04) 220 0995.